Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now that I've wasted time cutomizing this template. . .

        So, I have always been intrigued by this whole blogging idea, however never really had time to sit around and write about my life. Until now. Actually, there are probably a hundred different things that I should be doing instead. . . like cleaning the house, bringing in empty boxes from the car and starting to pack away all Tucker's needless toys and my odds and ends. But then I tell myself "Oh, self. You have an entire month to do all the packing and cleaning."  Hence begins the cycle of justification and procrastination and from those two concepts my blog is born.
        I'll admit to hopping on the bandwagon as far as this blog is concerned. I probably wouldn't have done so if Verity, Nina and Bet hadn't begun blogging. Really I think Miss.Virginia initially sparked my interest with her singular blog entry about the bores of life in her like-named state of residence, and then Bethaney followed suit.  Ironically, Bet has actually been faithfully updating her blog on a semi-regular basic, while Nina kind of started and stopped. Probably what I'll do, all things considered, so no judgement here.
I too, lead a boring, uneventful sort of life.
        My daydreams are about as far as I have come to a vacation in many years. Yet in my heart I know I will have many a wonderful adventure. I can't wait to visit all sorts of strange and wonderful countries and places. I love the feeling of being immersed in nature, surrounded by peace and tranquility. It's such a wonderful feeling, as if time stands still. Sometimes I forget what that is like, since my days are surrounded by the noises of civility. . . car horns, people, trains, ect. Not that Fargo is some gigantic metropolis by any means, but it is a far cry from the peaceful country side. I wonder what it will be like for Tucker if we were to stay in the city. . . he'll never be able to go explore the great outdoors, which is why kids develop A.D.D, in my humble opinion. Too many restrictions. He, like most kids in my neighborhood, is confined to the cement, unable to leave a fifty foot area for fear of the many unknowns that exist in city life. "The cars go too fast on this street, don't cross the road", and "Stay where I can see you from the balcony" are sentences that frequently pass from my lips. I look back to my own childhood, and almost laugh. How often could my parents actually see us kids from the window? How many times were we away from the house for hours, off exploring the pastures or the pine grove and what not? Oh, how stifled we would have felt if we were unable to venture off more than a few feet from the house at his age.
    So today's thought of the day: "Move out of the city, even if it is just a few miles outside."

                                       Look at the vast beauty that is Greece. . . just breathtaking.
                                                     One of my many dream vacation destinations.