Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time to blog once again

                 So, I have been pretty lax at this whole blogging thing. I guess between being a stay at home mom with her kid in school full time I just haven't had any time at all to write- haha. Obvious sarcasm there. However, my summer was very active. I enrolled Tucker in swimming classes, art classes and some misc fun activities so that I could give him the best possible last summer as an only child possible. He is very excited to be an older brother, so it's more me being whimsical about that fact. As incredibly excited, overjoyed, thrilled, pumped, (you get the picture) to have a new little life around here, I find myself getting very emotional about the fact that very soon my life will change.
           For instance, things I now take forgranted, like Chris, Tucker and I going to a matinee on Saturday afternoon whenever we'd like or taking Tucker to Chucky Cheese on the drop of a dime and playing air hockey with him for an hour straight won't be easily possible any more. Tucker is at that awesome age where he is so independent, all I have to say is "C'mon Tuck" and he's running ahead of me, getting the elevator ready, getting himself buckled in the car and off we go. Now, even going to grocery store will be an ordeal . . .lugging the carseat around, making sure the little guy is full and content so we won't cause a scene. And of course, I would never bring a baby to a movie, because of obvious reasons. And playing airhockey with no distractions. . .not possible. 
           This sounds very selfish, and "complainy" and considering I'm carrying around a gift that some people have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on just to have a very small chance of this miracle, and I am somewhat ashamed of myself for feeling this way. But these are just a fraction of emotions that I am feeling. All the other feelings are simply of love for this little guy, and excitement for his arrival. They sort of started this past weekend when I looked at Chris after he got off work and said "Honey, we only have 4-6 more Saturdays before we have an infant around. We NEED to go do something right now!" He only the other hand, is so incredibly excited and doesn't feel this sense of urgency to "sow wild oats" persay that I have. He just lays there with his hand on my tummy feeling Ryker kick and says "Oh, I just want to take him out and hold him!"
        And yes, he is already named. . . "Ryker" We have had that name in mind since, probably the 4th month. And it seems once you have a name picked out, you start talking to your stomach using that name and then you are simply stuck with it. Every time I'm like "Weeeellll, maybe this (other name)  would be a cool name" it's just too weird to even try to change it. Like I told Sheena, it's almost like if I were to suddenly change Tucker's name. Just not happening. So Ryker it is, and I do love the name. I have never known a Ryker, (which I like, because then I don't have any negative emotions surrounding the name) However, strangely enough the homeowners for this huge home that Chris is building were talking to him the other day. The wife had her little 2 month old baby in her arms, and was asking Chris about our baby, and what we were to name him and he told her "Ryker" of course. He said she kind of looked shocked and said "That's our babies name!" Chris was surprised, and said he had never even heard the name before. He told me he hoped she didn't think that he had "stole" the name from her- hahaha.
          Anyway, this is kind of boring all baby post, I know. One of these days I'll be sure to have more interesting subject matter, but what can I say. . .I have babies on mah mind =)