Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ohhhh Baby. . .

Off topic, just listening to the news and this guy is accused of going around huffing freon from people's air conditioning units totaling over $2,000 worth. They found him passed out in a yard. All I can think is "Wow. What a winner." Can you imagine the desperation of a man in his late thirties, sneaking around all the neighborhood houses just waiting for his next fix from their air conditioning unit. Sad, sad, man.

Anyway- back to my original post. Like Bethaney (and very unlike Sheena, apparently) I get super anxious for baby to arrive, come the last weeks. Especially when I am having contractions on a daily basis, and it feels like he may literally fall out of me at any given moment. Perhaps I would go as far as to say I think I might be having a baby born with a full set of teeth, because it feels as if he is biting me constantly! Appropriate? Perhaps not. However, I realize I have about 7 followers all of which are female and practically family, so frankly I do not care. 

Doctor's appointment was on Monday. Indeed, my "false" contractions have been doing very real damage. I am about 2 1/2 centimeters dilated, 70% effaced, and the baby is fully engaged, meaning his head is about as low as it can go without emerging from me. (told you he was biting me!) And, hat very night, out came the mucous plug . (again, TMI?) I don't think so, considering excited daddy Chris told his Dad that. The past three days, while having contractions, I even imagine that I can hear and feel the dilation process taking place. Since I know now I am "ripened and ready" I have been doing all the things you do to speed up this process, but to no avail. These include jumping jacks (I figure, gravity, why not. . . ) running on the elliptical (for a VERY short time, considering I come back from the grocery sore beyond belief) Anyway, pretty much everything short of drinking Castor oil I am doing. And you know what? I think I might even still go late.

Speaking of my doctors appointment, I just learned I have now hit the oh-so-dreaded 70lb-weight gain mark. I try to do things, like hang onto the wall or counter while being weighed so the numbers on the scale appear substantially lower. . .but then I feel sneaky and let go. Oh, how those numbers rise. It boggles my mind, too when people see me and rant and rave about how "amazing" I look and how "you must be ALL baby!" I think to myself, "Ya, sure. If I'm having a 50pound giant baby" (ironically, with that suspect full set of teeth I mentioned before, it may just be the case!!)  That actually happened just today. After her raving about my "luck" I looked at her cross eyed and said "Hon, I have almost doubled my weight for goodness sake!" Then I showed her my feet. . .which look exactly like Cinderella's step-sisters sausages when they were shoved and squeezed into her glass slipper.
My toe-nails look great though- thanks to a wonderful mani-pedi I treated myself to a couple days ago. Chris asked if they "charged me double to do those feet" Hardy-har-har, huh?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today. . .is NOT my day

So, I no longer am able to comment on anybody elses blog. Oh the woe!! I type up these ridiculously long comments, try to submit and it tells me "You do not have permission to comment, please sign out and sign in with another account" It has been doing it for quite some time, but until today I haven't addressed this issue. So before I write my blog, here are my comments (this is probably only half of them and not near as good as they would have been had I actually wrote them)

To Bethaney: Several things, actually. I found it hilarious about your sneezing labor scare. Loved it, really. Although I'm sure it wasn't quite as enjoyable for you. I have much more to comment on your various blogs such as your first born going to school, self improvement. But I'll just say "I felt the same way" (Tucker, school last year) and "I feel the same way"  (all this self improvement motivation) I even bought about 6 dresses that are size 3-5 because I KNOW I will fit in them eventually after this chunk of a baby comes out. I am however a good. . .  67pounds to be exact bigger than I was 9 months ago, need I remind myself.

To Sheena: I am in the same boat as you. This pregnancy has not been this wonderful, glowing time that I'll have fond memories of. My skin ripples with water, my sausage feet can't fit into my shoes, at night I have to slide myself gingerly off the foot of bed, just to step down and feel like my ligaments are being torn out of my nether regions. I have however, switched from Tums to Zantac, and that has made my nights bearable. Anyway, does babygirl have a name yet? Today is THE DAY.

To Nina: You need to get out of that black hole you call work that is bringing you down. Although I do agree that mindset changes a lot (the choice to be happy vs angry) you shouldn't have to use all your energy trying to be happy. A good work place doesn't drag a person down.

There was actually many more comments I had for Verity, and more for you guys but alas they are lost.

Back to my day.
Here's how it began-
3:00 a.m:
I awake from my slumber to hear knocking on my door. Groggily I slide out bed thinking "Who could this be?!!" As I walk down the hallway the knocking gets louder and more frantic. I approach the door and hear a voice screaming "Your deck is on fire!!" Without even opening the door I run to my patio. Sure enough, the flames are about 5 feet high (over the deck rails) and engulfing half of my deck. I yell "CHRIS. . .WAKE UP RIGHT NOW  "  He jumps out of bed, thank goodness. I, being bright and quick thinking, fill up a mere 18oz glass cup with water and proceed to throw it at the flames. Chris grabs this huge salad bowl and fills it. After about 15 minutes we manage (he manages) to put out the fire. Of course,Tucker is awake this whole time. What is so terrifying is that Tucker's room is right next to the deck. Had the fire gone unattended for probably twenty minutes longer the apartment would have started on fire, starting with his room. He woke up when I yelled for Chris, he said he looked out the window and thought a "meteor hit" because of all the orange. The problem was, I had 4 potted plants on the deck I had just taken down a couple days ago because they are dead due to freezing overnight. So the plants of course are extremely brittle, and the soil very dry. The people above us have a charcoal grill they were using last night. It must have started early on in the evening due to a loose ember falling down (as many do, seeing as there are about ten holes in the deck from previous instances) This time however it must have fell into the brittle leaves and ignited. All 4 potted plants were (are) pretty much disintegrated and two deck boards are burnt so bad they are gone and you can see the neighbors patio below.  Thinking back though, although I titled this "Today is nOt my day" maybe today IS my day. This could have been a very tragic day had somebody not been awake to see the fire going alert us.

After laying in bed for a couple hours after the whole fire ordeal, I toss and turn trying to get comfortable. All of a sudden the most severe pain takes over my abdomen. All of a sudden, I am having very strong, and very painful contractions. I hobble in Tuckers room at 6:30 to wake him up for school, manage to get him bathed and ready and out the door by 7:30. The contractions last for about 3 minutes at a time, but they are irregular. Chris comes home at 10:00 and demands we go to the hospital. He, being in no pain at all, is SUPER excited. I let him down lightly. . .if the contractions are not consistently 3 minutes apart I will just get sent home. So apparently these contractions were just a false alarm brought on by stress most likely, although there was NOTHING false about the pain. They subsided around eleven, much to my relief and Chris's disappointment. I am however dilated to 2 1/2 cm already, which means that little man is getting ready to arrive!

Tucker gets home from school.

5:30 pm:
Tucker comes inside (he had been playing outside with his friend) He is unusually quiet. After sitting silently for a few minutes he says "Mom, Gavin and I were playing a game break the rocks. We were throwing rocks at the sidewalk. I threw one and it hit a window and shattered it." Although I am more than impressed that he is being so honest, I am wondering WHAT WINDOW?!! He takes me downstairs, and of course it had to be an 8 foot tall window of our apartment building by the entrance way. Thankfully, it was tempered glass, so even though it shattered, there wasn't glass everywhere. However, on the other hand, tempered glass is EXPENSIVE. So I'm thinking the damage will be upwards of $600. Which is just exactly what we need, considering we have a baby coming any day now. I call our property management office first thing and explained the situation- haven't heard back from them yet.

Let's just say that I was very relieved when the day came to a close. Here's looking to another day!